Frequently Asked Questions

Keto-OS is your “ketone operating system” it is the First Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr.Approved, Lab Tested, University backed and the technology in Keto-OS is patent-pending, developed by one of the most world-renowned Dr. and experts on Ketosis. Prüvit was the first company approved by the University of South Florida to acquire the sublicense rights to use this patent-pending technology. It is a powder that you mix with 8=10 oz. of water. Within 15-30 minutes it puts your body into Ketosis. Prüvit owns the worldwide rights to Keto-OS. Keto-OS has a certificate of analysis for purity, consistency, and efficacy.

Adding exogenous ketones to your routine enables you to maximize your overall human capabilities and enjoy the complete body advantages of ketosis. This is achievable without the necessity of adhering to a strict ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet, which can pose challenges in terms of staying on track.

The benefits of ketones and ketone supplementation are vast, and as research continues to expand, the list keeps growing. Currently, research supports the use of ketones for the following benefits:

• Weight loss

• Blood sugar balance and enhanced insulin sensitivity

• Increase satiety, and decreased food cravings

• Improved energy levels, oxygen capacity, motor performance & athletic performance

• Mostly due to the impact of ketones on enhanced blood flow, through vasodilation

• Migraine treatment

• Neuro-protective benefits in seizure disorders; ADHD; Alzheimer’s disease, memory, and cognitive function; Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

• Autism and improved behavior and social impacts

• Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)

• Stroke prevention; cardiovascular disease; metabolic syndrome management; improved cholesterol levels

• Inflammation management

• Endurance enhancement

BHB, or beta-hydroxybutyrate, is present in various natural sources such as eggs and milk. Salts represent a chemical category where acids and bases are bonded through ionic connections. Specifically, when we mention “salt” in a chemical context, we refer to a particular kind of ionic compound resulting from the neutralization of an acid by a base. These compounds consist of positively and negatively charged elements that typically disperse in water or water-based solutions, like blood. In everyday language, what we commonly call “table salt” is sodium chloride (NaCl), but it’s just one example of the many compounds falling under the definition of salts.

The term “BHB salt” refers to a compound comprising sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate. In a Keto OS product, these components are bound together by ionic bonds. However, when you consume the product, it enters your bloodstream where it disintegrates into free Na+, K+, and BHB due to its water-based nature. Consequently, ingesting the product promptly introduces ketones into your bloodstream. Ketones possess a slightly acidic nature, so when combined with sodium in the form of BHB, it acts as a mild buffer to this acidity. Additionally, ketones naturally induce diuresis, leading to the loss of salts like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Hence, it’s advisable to augment sodium intake when consuming ketones. The inclusion of sodium in the product helps replenish this lost salt. 

You can take exogenous ketones a few times a day, depending on what you want to achieve. Just follow the instructions on the product for how much to take each day. If you have any problems after trying exogenous ketones, cut in half how much you take each day and drink more water. As you start feeling better, slowly go back to taking the full amount.

When you start using exogenous ketones, start by taking them in the morning. This lets your body use the ketones without having sugar or other things in the way. If you want to take them again later, it’s good to do it in the afternoon when your energy is dropping, or before you exercise to do your best.

We ship orders via UPS and Unites States Postal Service depending on the location of the shipment and order placement. Depending on product availability, orders are usually processed for shipment within 1 business day (excludes weekends and holidays). An accurate shipping address is required. Your signature may be required for delivery.

We accept credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

When placing an order online, you will need:

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b. The card number and expiration date.

c. The 3 or 4-digit code on the card (CVV2 code).

If within the first 30 days you are not satisfied with the product you may contact to return the unused portion of the product for a full refund of the product purchase amount.

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Yes, KETO//OS NAT is both dairy and gluten free.

Hydrated caffeine. 

Even after reaching your health objectives, such as altering body composition or shedding fat, you may continue to experience various additional advantages. These include heightened and consistent energy levels, improved focus and attentiveness, amplified muscle development, and enhanced recuperation after workouts.

Nutritional ketosis happens when your body uses fat for fuel and makes ketones. When you use exogenous ketones like KETO//OS, you’re putting ketones directly into your blood. This way, you get the benefits without needing your body to go into nutritional ketosis.

Prüvit’s Pure Therapeutic Ketones® in KETO//OS NAT® work best when they’re attached to something. Prüvit uses sodium, calcium, and magnesium to attach to BHB ketone salts. They use more sodium because our bodies quickly absorb it. So, the ketones attached to sodium get into our blood fast, helping our bodies get into ketosis faster!

Calcium and magnesium, on the other hand, are absorbed more slowly and steadily. This means the ketones are used by our bodies for a longer time, giving us more benefits after having KETO//OS NAT®.

Yes, KETO//OS NAT uses naturally fermented ketones and amino acids.